A proven system for dramatically
increasing your auto dealership’s sales volume,
backed by almost 40 years of solid results…

Are you getting the consistent results you’d like to see from your sales professionals? The number one concern most dealership owners have is sales performance. After all, it’s the lifeblood of your entire operation.

The usual answer is that only a handful of people produce sales reliably, and the rest are peak and valley performers, or average at best.

Yet with a few simple, but profoundly powerful changes in the way your team approaches selling, your sales and profits can be substantially higher. It can happen a lot more quickly than you might imagine.

There is an individual in the car business who has been a driving force behind producing these impressive results for almost 40 years. He’s done it in every economy, for large and small stores, in both luxury and budget markets…

Who is Richard Cirami and exactly what can he do
to increase your dealership’s sales starting today?

Rich Cirami is a pioneer in creating outstandingly effective strategic selling programs in the auto industry. He has hired, trained and managed some of the most extraordinarily productive sales teams the car business has ever seen.

More importantly, over the past four decades, he has isolated the essential elements of the auto sales and management process. He presents them in a simplified, powerful formula your salespeople can implement immediately. When they do, you’ll see fast improvement.

Find out more about Rich’s stellar sales, management and training background here.

This is how the Car SalesStar System will boost your sales from the very first day your people apply its unique strategies…

Why many methods of sales training either don’t work,
or won’t generate the level of results you want…

The reality is that a significant number of sales trainers have never been consistent, top producers in the car business. Few have extensive experience in actually selling or in managing a showroom floor or lot, year in and year out…especially in difficult economies, when it’s harder to make sales. 

By contrast, Rich brings something entirely different to the table, which can make a tremendous difference to your bottom line. He has a long track record of delivering superior performance in both sales and management venues. He teaches the methods he used that actually work, based on demonstrable results.

Experience has conclusively shown that there are three keys to a sales training program that will produce the volume and profits you’re looking for:

  • Strategy: Evaluating your existing team’s skill level, and tailoring the training to their specific issues and challenges. Also, recruiting new individuals who are coachable and highly motivated to use the most effective sales methods.
  • Technique: Dynamic sales skills development.
  • Reinforcement: Staying on top of people to make sure they apply proven sales strategies and close deals consistently.

These are the core elements of the Car SalesStar System. You can discover more about this powerful process here.

Strategies that Work with New Unit Sales,
Leasing, Pre-owned, and Service:
FREE Consultation and $1000 Demonstration…

The most successful dealerships today carefully manage multiple profit centers. New unit sales, leasing, pre-owned and service are the four pillars of your cash flow. Profits in each of these areas are driven by effective sales efforts.

Rich is so confident his techniques, approaches and strategies will work for you that he’s willing to provide a valuable, completely FREE consultation and demonstration. A special risk-free $1000 offer is available through October 31, 2015, which you can take advantage of here.

Call Rich now to see an immediate improvement in your dealership’s sales. You can reach Rich for your FREE consultation and demonstration at 516-205-3082.

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