Not your average sales trainer…

“It’s more than I want to spend.”

Forty-five minutes later, the customer drove the latest model off the lot, complete with
a full after-sell package.

The sale included almost everything Rich Cirami first proposed. The buyer continued to be a loyal customer of the dealership for many years.

Since he began in the car business almost four decades ago, that transaction has repeated itself thousands of times, both in his own personal selling, as a manager helping others to close lucrative deals, and in devising effective sales programs for dealerships.  

Fascinated with cars since childhood, Rich turned his passion into an outstandingly successful career in auto industry sales and management. Subaru, Cadillac, Nissan, Mercedes, BMW, Lincoln Mercury are among the prominent brands that have benefited by Rich’s selling and management skills. He has succeeded in every economy, for dealerships large and small, in both luxury and budget markets. This wealth of practical experience, bolstered by a solid track record of results, makes him uniquely qualified to assist dealers in achieving sales objectives.

Very few professionals in the car business ever master the art of closing sales with precision, efficiency and high profitability. Fewer still can teach how to do it.

Rich has cracked the code on both. In fact, one of the key differences between his approach to training and everyone else’s is that before he moved into management, he spent years in sales, consistently producing top numbers by doing exactly the things he teaches. Most industry professionals who know him all say the same thing: selling is in Rich’s blood.

He has isolated the variables for success and transformed them into a strategic formula that can be taught and implemented. The methods he explains and recommends have been performance-tested under the toughest sales conditions.  

“Sales fundamentals will always be the backbone of dealer success, regardless of how advanced social media and other Internet marketing technologies become,” says Cirami.
He teaches today’s sales consultants that in a difficult and highly competitive business environment, survival always depends on personal contact, credibility and trust. Technology can never replace the personal touch a sales pro adds to a transaction.

Rich lives with his family in Oyster Bay, New York. He’s a food aficionado. When he’s not strategizing on how to transform dealer stores into super successful operations, you can usually find him cooking up some really tasty cuisine.

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