A Risk-Free Way to Discover
What the Car SalesStar System
Can Do for Your Dealership

You can evaluate Car SalesStar services on a completely risk-free basis with this special gift offer. Simply call or e-mail Rich Cirami today to schedule a no obligation, 30-minute meeting at your office. You can discuss your major issues and questions, and select the best option for your team. If you and Rich agree the Car SalesStar System can deliver legitimate value to your dealership, he will promptly set a time to provide that service absolutely FREE. Any of the three options below is regularly a $1000 value. This gift offer is available through October 31, 2015 only.

Free Gift # 1:
Pre-Seminar Sales Secrets Training

This informative two-hour presentation with introduce your sales staff to the Car SalesStar approach, and impart solid sales wisdom they can apply immediately. In 7 Core Secrets to Selling More Cars, Rich covers key points on presenting, negotiating and closing new and pre-owned deals, based on four decades of successful experience in the business. Your people learn seven essential tools and techniques to close more sales, more quickly.

The talk is customized to your dealership’s team by concisely addressing your biggest sales challenges. Your sales pros return to the floor with practical knowledge they can use on the very next deal.  You’ll see first-hand what the full two-day seminar is like, before deciding if you want to bring Rich in.

Free Gift # 2:
Pre-Owned Operations Evaluation

More profits are lost on trade-ins and pre-owned sales transactions than in almost any other area of dealer operations. Unsold units on the pre-owned lot are the fastest depreciating assets in your dealership. Aging inventory or units that are improperly matched to market demographics lose money every month.

Rich will spend a half-day observing and evaluating your pre-owned operation. He will then sit down with you for an executive briefing that includes very specific recommendations to increase sales right away. Car SalesStar strategies are extremely effective in building up pre-owned sales.

Free Gift # 3:
Fly-on-the-Wall Service

Ever dealership has one or more salespeople who owners and managers want to help. Rich will stay on the showroom floor for a half day, and observe each individual handle a sale. He will then meet with you privately for a detailed report and recommendations.

The Fly-on-the-Wall Service will give you a strong sense of how valuable the full Strategy Module will be to your dealership.

Call Rich Cirami now to put your FREE GIFT into action. You can reach him at 516-205-3082.

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