They Laughed Until the Sales Manager
Pulled Out the Monthly Rankings Report

Car salespeople who’ve been around a while, and think they’ve seen and heard it all, are often astonished when an industry newcomer who’s been properly trained trounces them. The fact is that the right sales training, delivered by the right trainer, can produce outstanding results.

The Car SalesStar System’s Technique module presents a comprehensive two-day seminar on effective selling skills for auto industry professionals. Your salespeople get extensive training in these vital areas:

  • critical keys to closing the deal today
  • telephone skills, appointment setting strategies and prospecting
  • crafting powerful yet personalized phone scripts
  • qualifying the prospect
  • behavioral techniques for building rapport
  • professionalism and positive impressions
  • probing questions to uncover buying criteria and motives
  • improving listening skills
  • strategies for different types of buyers
  • competitor analysis
  • creating value by selling to needs
  • crucial elements of product knowledge
  • presenting benefits convincingly during the test drive
  • trial closing
  • answering objections persuasively
  • negotiating like a pro
  • converting lookers into purchasers
  • dealing with price buyers and extreme shoppers
  • responding to the spouse or companion
  • lease versus buy transactions
  • selling and closing on finance or lease terms
  • promoting the service department
  • working with the credit-challenged customer
  • transitioning from a new to a pre-owned sale
  • up-selling strategies
  • packaging an offer
  • delivering the vehicle
  • making the customer feel special
  • follow-up approaches for undecided visitors
  • e-mail etiquette with prospects and customers
  • handling complaints and angry customers
  • getting referrals and recommendations
  • facilitating customer loyalty and future sales
  • maximizing the lifetime value of a customer
  • calling and converting past buyers into new sales
  • dealing with rejection
  • getting out of sales slumps
  • networking
  • staying connected to your customer base
  • cultivating positive word-of-mouth
  • getting great online reviews

Participants get ample time for questions and detailed answers, to further customize and target techniques to individual challenges, problem areas and skill enhancement needs.

When the seminar training is complete, the Reinforcement Phase goes into action. Find out more about this crucial module here.  

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