Reinforce or Die

It’s an unfortunate, but all too familiar story that goes like this…

You spend money for sales training. Your salespeople go through a program. Then when they’re back on the floor, you notice more of them than you’d have suspected are doing exactly the same things as before. Maybe they picked up a pointer or two, but when the numbers come out, they’re producing at prior levels. Why is this?

Here’s the most common reason: Complacency kills sales. When it comes to new skills implementation, what isn’t tracked, isn’t used. And salespeople who can’t sell drag a dealership down. Excessive turnover is very costly. So are bad online reviews from irate prospects and customers. They can devastate your showroom traffic.

That’s why the Car SalesStar System emphasizes the importance of follow-up in its Reinforcement module. Effective training requires diligent observation and ongoing coaching, so that new skills, methods and approaches your salespeople learn are consistently applied.  

You want to be sure that any training you pay for is actually put to use, and will make a significant improvement in your bottom line. The Reinforcement module builds accountability into the process. It assures you of getting the best possible return on your training dollars.

You get on-site, follow-up monitoring and consulting from Rich Cirami, which includes:

  • sales floor observation of newly learned skills
  • strengthening the sales manager’s role as coach and mentor
  • overcoming obstacles to integrating new selling methods
  • helping each salesperson individualize techniques to fit personal style
  • analyzing lost sales to avoid future mistakes
  • crash course tactics to ramp up product knowledge quickly  
  • managerial approaches to critiquing without criticizing
  • strategies to keep your people accountable for sales skill mastery
  • getting staff comfortable with upgraded procedures
  • refining and improving what works
  • retaining focus on profit or loss for each transaction
  • rewarding sales and service excellence
  • performance improvement programs

Rich will work with your managers to set up several on-site follow-up visits, according to your dealership’s specific objectives. He will personally observe your people in action and conduct one-on-one follow-up conversations, to assess how successfully your salespeople are integrating the training material.

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